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Drill, Chattanooga

January 11, 2018



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DMAT introduction
A Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) is a group of medical and logistical professionals with the ability to quickly move into a disaster area and provide medical care. Under the auspices of the National Disaster Medical System, DMATs can rapidly deploy for any type of disaster that requires a medical response beyond the capabilities of the local system.

The Tennessee team is one of many in the United States affiliated with the National Disaster Medical System, which is a component of the Office of Preparedness and Emergency Operations in the Department of Health and Human Services.


TN-1 DMAT about us
The Tennessee-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team functioning capacity is state wide.  TN-1 DMAT was founded in June 2002 under joint sponsorship of the UT College of Medicine and the Disaster & Medical Special Operations Center which at that time was located with Erlanger Health System. 

The TN-1 team, as all teams in NDMS are, is sponsored and directed by the Federal government and is based in the greater Chattanooga area.

TN-1 DMAT remains focused on recruitment of stellar personnel and in providing top notch training to its members. We are proud that our membership and personnel commitments come from the Tri-State region and from all corners of the State of Tennessee.